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Cherry Lotus

A Music & Lenses Q&A insight with Cherry Lotus

Cherry Lotus with Music & Lenses

There’s so many aspects of being in this band that we all enjoy, and as long as those funny moments are still happening and memories keep being made, we’re pretty happy.

“We’d love to get out of the South Coast, as that’s what we’re trying to do right now. And of course we want to get as big as we can, and we truly believe that we have the capability to do that. “

At the start it was just me (Joe) and Aidan after leaving our previous band called Greyside. So we decided to come up with a word each…

I chose Cherry for a few reasons, the main one being that my sister Abbey was almost called Cherry but my parents changed their mind last minute so I thought that was quite cool, as well as that, we’re from Bournemouth and the football team is nicknamed the Cherries so we thought that was a cool way to represent Bournemouth as me and Paul used to have season tickets there.

Then ‘Lotus’ was Aidan’s word and this wasn’t as thought through, its pretty funny to be fair. So when we were thinking of names Aidan was having his hair cut and he got offered a coffee, and a lotus biscuit came with it and he was like, ah! And that’s literally it!

Me and Paul met at Winton Boys secondary school when we were about 12/13, just through playing football at break/lunch, standard stuff, and we’ve been mates ever since.

Me and Aidan met around 3 years ago when he joined the band I was in at the time called ‘Greyside’. Paul and Aidan met when Paul left uni and joined the band around January 2018. Ben met all of us properly when he joined the band in November last year although he went to the same school as me and Paul, but was the year below so we didn’t know him personally.

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