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Tyler Collins

A Music & Lenses Q&A insight with Tyler Collins

Tyler Collins with Music & Lenses

+ What inspired you to start playing music?

It was mostly our dad’s record collections. They had all these classic rock and punk records that they’d put on and play. For me there was an opportunity to learn an instrument at school when you were 7 and one option was the guitar (thankfully as the other option was the recorder and let’s be honest they suck) so I went along to the lessons expecting it to be like. I dunno I guess a “rockstar” teaching, but it was a really sweet old lady who taught us folk songs and some chords.

(Not what I expected or wanted) so I took these chords she’d shown me and instead of learning those folk pieces I tried playing along to my dad’s records and worked stuff out by ear and I guess it went from there.

Me and the band will joke around with some chords or something, maybe even one line and from there we will add to it and add to it until one day we put it all together and make a song. Some of our most loved songs started as us just playing around I love seeing people have a smile on their faces while listening to us it’s insane hearing people scream back your songs that you say there and wrote in your room. All in all seeing faces I’ve never seen before and faces I’ve grown up with all joining together and having a good time brings nothing but joy to me and the band.

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