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Robbie Pemberton

A Music & Lenses Q&A insight with Robbie Pemberton

Robbie Pemberton with Music & Lenses

I literally shut myself in my music room and won’t come out until I’ve written something that I’m happy with. I start demoing straight away and probably record every idea I write.

I’ll listen to them back for about a week, get some other people’s opinions and rewrite, tweak and finally record them one final time ready for mixing

“Whatever the future holds for the project, I will keep releasing music, playing shows, and having a whole load of fun doing so”

[Locate The Harbour] was only ever meant to be a solo recording project, but after playing a couple of really fun shows with some great musicians stepping in to help support, I get the feeling this could be turning into something much bigger than I first planned.

Whatever the future holds for the project, Locate The Harbour will keep releasing music, playing shows, and having a whole load of fun doing so.

I remember being in my early teens and being completely in love with Blink-182, The Starting Line & Jimmy Eat World.

I knew I wanted to be in a band and play music like them but literally had no idea how that was going to happen, as I didn’t play any instrument and sucked at singing.

I pretty much begged a bunch of friends to let me sing in their band and relied heavily on my stupid jokes and weird stage presence to divert the attention from my vocals.

The years rolled by and bands came and went. I taught myself to play guitar and most stringed instruments, to produce and record music, and kind of sing fairly well.

Now I can finally create the music that I’ve always been into.

The first EP, “I’m Still A Gribly” pays homage to my teens and early 20’s. Not sure where I fit in, scared to grow up, and generally being a drunken fool with my friends. I’ve made no secret what my EP “Medicine” is about, the loss of my Grandad.

I’m so lucky that I was able to vent some serious emotional feelings in such a way. It really helped with the grieving process and I’ve never been prouder with any form of art that I’ve ever created than I was with the release of ‘Medicine’.

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