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Cait Bowyer

A Music & Lenses Q&A insight with Cait Bowyer

Cait Bowyer with Music & Lenses

“Drums weren’t really my thing, but I guess something just clicked when I picked up a bass. “

I think I can track my interest in pursuing music back to seeing my older sister playing drums as a teenager in her band. Although I was more drawn to the guitarists, I guess and started on an acoustic guitar before I started playing bass. It was always about being in a band for me in that sense, so I tried playing a load of different instruments.

Drums weren’t really my thing, but I guess something just clicked when I picked up a bass.

Memorable moment playing live?

One of the most memorable live performances has got to be the Isle of Wight Festival this year. We headlined the Platform One stage on the Friday night, and it was awesome. Our album had just come out that day too, so hearing people singing along to the tracks was just insane.

To be honest, any show when the crowd’s having fun and the three of us are getting lost in it are memorable for me.

Funniest moment during a live performance?

There have definitely been a few. Scotty once made me laugh between songs during a set in Watford, and I ended up spitting a mouthful of water across the stage.

We also played a gig in London on St Patrick’s Day this year. We were expecting a really fun night, but we didn’t quite expect a guy dressed as the pope to come in and rock out after ‘blessing’ us on stage before we started playing.

What advice would you give to beginners just starting out? 

I’m still learning. I think you always will be, which is obviously a good thing and also why you should just take every opportunity. Whatever you’re playing for, and whether it’s with a band or in your bedroom, just persevere with it. There’s gonna be stepbacks and doors that close no matter what you do, so the worst thing you can do is stand in your own way. Just keep going.

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