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Scotty Perry

A Music & Lenses Q&A insight with Scott Perry

Scotty Perry with Music & Lenses

+ What inspired you to start playing music?

It was mostly our dad’s record collections. They had all these classic rock and punk records that they’d put on and play. For me there was an opportunity to learn an instrument at school when you were 7 and one option was guitar (thankfully as the other option was the recorder and let’s be honest they suck) so I went along to the lessons expecting it to be like.. I dunno I guess a “rockstar” teaching, but it was a really sweet old lady who taught us folk songs and some chords.

(Not what I expected or wanted) so I took these chords she’d shown me and instead of learning those folk pieces I tried playing along to my dad’s records and worked stuff out by ear and I guess it went from there.

+ What do you find most enjoyable about playing music? 

As cliché as it sounds, it’s a real release of emotions and one hell of a way to express things you might otherwise struggle to verbalise.

Like when the 3 of us are playing whether it’s in a rehearsal or on stage and we’re having fun and the crowd is into it for that 45 minutes absolutely nothing else matters. Just those songs and that moment.

+ Biggest musical influence?

Another cliché answer “we have so many”. But it’s true we’re obviously into our punk bands. I guess the one that surprises people is when they say to us “oh you must be influenced by Green Day/Blink 182/ The Story So Far” or any of the very commercially successful Pop Punk bands and yeah we do like those bands but when we say we’re really huge fans of The Police that surprises people.

+ What’s your favourite part about playing live?

The 3 of us on stage smashing out our songs and we’re into it the crowd are into it and everyone is just forgetting about the outside world for those 45 minutes and just being in the moment enjoying music.

+ Biggest fuck up playing live?

We have a small collection. Mostly stuff like the walking bass drum. We played this show last Christmas 2018 we’d been a band for a year played around 100+ shows with relatively no problems at all.

The venue we were at decided not to put down our drum mat which was questioned but they said “it’ll be fine” about 2 songs in I can hear beats getting missed (which I thought was weird) then something hits me in the back of the leg… it’s the fucking bass drum.

I turn around and our drummer is pissed off like super pissed off as he’s been chasing the drum forward across the stage and the tech hadn’t noticed. So when they did they spent the whole show trying to prop the bass drum in place using anything heavy they could find but eventually giving in and just holding it the whole set…

I pissed myself laughing cos the poor dude had to contend with the crashing of drums right next to him all set. But… don’t worry about the drum mat “it’ll be fine”

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