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James White

Music & Lenses

Documenting the challenges, experiences, emotions and the reasons why people start playing music together

Music Photographer

Music & Lenses

My name is James and I am an aspiring music photographer based in Hampshire, UK. You will often find me sharing my time between some of the great music venues Southampton and Portsmouth have to offer.

To see my photos of some awesome artists, please check out my gallery.

In-depth Photos

More than photos with insights into the why they create music

At the start of 2019 I wanted to start a challenging project that would put me out of my comfort zone and learn new skills. The idea is to photograph the artist and ask questions around why they play music to accompany those photos.

Below are some of the amazing artists I have been lucky enough to photograph

Bella Estelle, Calum Lintott, Cherry Lotus, China Bears, Djuno, Drusila, Dutch Criminal Record, Emerald Falls, Hooli, Hunting Hearts, Kings & Castles, Lauran Hibberd, Luke Rainsford, Megan Linford, Only Sun, RYSE, Sad Palace, Shangahi Blues, Slackrr, The Pretty Visitors, The Edit, The New Shoes, The Stayawakes, Lona, We Know John, Wren

Photo Collaborations

I have been fortunate to work closely with 36 amazing artists



... and growing. Genuinely grateful to have connected with some talented individuals

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